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Energy saving and environmental sustainability are becoming more and more important day by day: Gartec has always been convinced that these are the bases from which to start, seeking for a continuous improvement in terms of both containment of environmental resources and waste production.

We aim to combine the fundamental value of respect and conservation of environmental resources with a proactive business development, so as to reduce the environmental impact on the community. We have always been sensitive to environmental problems, which is why we have designed an entire range of products dedicated to the recovery of used fluids and the safe storage of fluids. Furthermore, in each new manual we have included information for the correct disposal of our products and their components.

Many actions have been taken over the last few years:

dm3 / year less in use of plastic.

kg of polystyrene eliminated from our packaging, continuing to guarantee a high standard of protection

percentage of savings in paper used, thanks to the increasing use of digital aids – easily upgradeable – to replace manuals and paper documents.

Waste disposal

The correct disposal of the various construction materials is the last step to be taken in the life cycle of our products.
Look for the symbol below in our manuals and differentiate the components by following the instructions provided: in this way you will personally contribute to protecting the environment!