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Pneumatic diaphragm pumps are suitable for pumping the most common liquids of the automotive sector: AD BLUE; antifreeze for radiators; brake fluids; fuels; engine oils and transmission oils.

Gartec manufactures are expert in developing integrated systems for liquid supply too.

Gartec pneumatic pumps are also optimal for installation on:

  • Dedicated equipment in washing tunnels: cars, tracks and trains
  • Fire-fighting vehicles: to cool vehicles approaching flames
  • Tankers: for transporting fuel and recovering fuel from the collection tanks

The Plus of Gartec solutions:

  • Remote management (via PLC or with Inverter)
  • Easy transport using trolleys for easy positioning on site
  • The power supply of the diaphragm pumps requires compressed air only. This feature makes them intrinsically safe when close to vehicles, as per Atex 1 and Atex 2 certification.

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