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Oilcop Gateway, the new frontier of monitoring fluid supply

May 2021 | Insight product Automotive

Do you want to connect your management system with Oilcop, allowing fluid dispensing dispensing and ensuring a simpler and faster order management? Oilcop Gateway is your best partner!

Oilcop Gateway is a software for Windows that allows bidirectional data exchange between Oilcop and any external management software (DMS). It must be installed on a PC / server that can communicate with the Oilcop controller and with the PC / server where the DMS is installed (in remote control too).
Oilcop Gateway positions itself in the middle, first receiving information on new orders created by the DMS and transferring it to the Oilcop, then returning the data relating to the deliveries made to the DMS.

Data exchange can take place in 3 ways:
– text file (txt / csv)
– webservice – Rest API (json file) – server mode
– webservice – Rest API (json file) – client mode

Contact us for more information and to discuss how to interface your system with Oilcop!
Oilcop Gateway, the new frontier in supply monitoring. Enter industry 4.0!